About Us

About us

US Sankalp Restaurant is the best restaurant in Mt. Prospect. We serve with all the benefits taking a great concern with our customer’s satisfaction and their health. We are and will always be with our customers and providing good and fresh foods which are rich in nutrients.

We specialize in regional dishes from all areas of Indian subcontinent. Our chefs has compiled selection of dishes.

From the Northern meat infuse dishes to Southern seafood plates, to accompany variety of rices (Pulao/Biryani) and breads (Naan/Poori/Paratha). Indian cuisines truly presents a colourful arrays of choices to delight the plate. Vegetable and fruits as well as spices, aromatics, and sweets are blended together in masterful savoury creations to tantalize the senses.

US Sankalp is famous for its atmosphere and service.